Friday, November 25, 2011

lucy laughs

Tonight we were spending time with Cam's family. Our niece, Teagan, wanted to help give Lucy a bath and take one herself. So we stuck Teags (2 years old) in the bath next to Lucy's baby bath tub and got the suds going. We were just scrubbing along as usual and Lucy was watching Teagan pretty closely. Teags poured a cup of water on her own head and Lucy laughed out loud at her. It was amazing. It was the most beautiful giggle I've ever heard. Cam was in the bathroom too, so we both got to be there for it. Thank you, niece, for being so entertaining to evoke this giggle she's been holding inside.

My heart melted. My little girl laughs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

can you tell?

Can you tell I went back to work? I've been quite absent from the blog world lately. I got really sappy and sentimental the last few weeks of my maternity leave and did nothing but hold sweet Lucy Jane. I soaked up as much of her as I possibly could. I wouldn't trade one moment of that time I had off work. How could I when this face is what I would see all day long??!!
For those of you that didn't know, I am very funny. Ask Lucy. 
This growing girl is so happy and smiley. She thinks we are funny (because we are) and she is changing so much each week. It's crazy! Soon she will be laughing. She gets really close to laughing and opens her whole mouth and begins to sound like she is cracking up. I will just fall over when she actually laughs. It won't get any cuter. This killer smile will more than do for now. Isn't she just precious!?

Going back to work has been overwhelming. I was immediately showered with love from my co-workers and my students. I can tell that I was very missed and that's always nice. The girl that has been subbing for me (and is still there in the afternoons since Christina is gone on her maternity leave) had the kids write letters to me. They were so sweet and cracked me up. It was a wonderful reminder right when I walked in the door to work that I love my job. That is a good feeling. My students are worth it and they deserve the best I can give them. It's been rough getting into the swing of things, but it's been good.

Poor Cam... I cried a lot leading up to going back to work. I cried a lot the day I went back to work. Occasionally I still cry. I get very overwhelmed with the thought of it and randomly cry. I'm a mess!

We've been busy around here. Lucy went to her first parade on Veteran's Day. She mostly did this.

But later got up to cheer them on. 

We've gone to weddings galore in November. Lucy apparently does not find them to be all that interesting. We had fun at them though!

Cameron turned another year older. He is the big 3-0 now. Lucy got him a card with her handprints on it. I got him a monkey card. I think hers was the favored one. She wore this outfit for his birthday since red is his favorite color and every time I dress her in red he talks about how cute she looks. I'm convinced she can wear any color she wants. She looks amazing in everything.

This one tells me she may have a future in rapping. Doesn't she look like she's saying "yo yo yo..."

 Love this little girl of ours. We are so thankful for her and the joy she brings us. God is so good to His people.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

talking about adoption

We just adopted for our first time two months ago. We are not experts on the subject, but adoption is something deeply personal for us. The days, months, years leading up to our adoption were times of high highs and low lows. I know that it was a sad time for us, grieving the loss of having a pregnancy. It was a scary time, having to trust God that we are stepping into His will for us. It was exciting, dreaming of our babies we didn't yet know (we still don't know all of them).

There were several times during our time to trying to get pregnant and then while waiting to adopt, that I fell to pieces at the sight of a pregnant person or a baby or a shoe that looked at me wrong. Emotions have been very high for the past few years. I remember all the people in our lives that we love that got pregnant. I remember them because although I was happy for my friends and family, it reminded me of the deepest pain I have ever felt. I tried to never take away from someone's great news by bursting into tears about my own sadness. I can't say I was always successful, but I tried really hard. I will never forget learning that my dear friend, Jessica, was pregnant. She rocks, by the way. She has been such a source of love and support to me during this whole process. She handled her news with such sensitivity and I am forever grateful for that. I remember where I was and the conversation we had about the amazing news that she and Josh would have sweet Esther over the summer.

I never wanted everyone's life to stop and feel sad for me. In the same breath I will tell you that I always wanted everyone's life to stop and feel something for me. I wanted understanding, acknowledgement, and on my bad days I wanted pity from everyone I ever knew. Didn't everyone else feel as bad for me as I felt for myself and can't someone fix this problem?

I know talking to me was not always easy. I know people didn't know what to say or how to say it. They didn't know how to ask questions. They would ask inappropriate questions or say something absurd that would, in turn, cause me to say something back. There is a wonderful blog post about how to be a village around an adoptive family. It is referencing an international adoption, but most things apply to our domestic adoption. It cracked me up to read this woman's thoughts on her friends and loved ones, because so many times people are just trying to love us. It comes out in funny ways sometimes. Read it if you have a chance.

Being all wrapped up in myself was pathetic. It was lonely. It was a waste of my life and my gifts. I began to ask God where my time was to be spent. It was in those lonely, pathetic, self-centered times that God revealed to me a really wonderful gift He has given me. I began to develop that gift and spend my energy thinking about other people more.

I am thankful for the way that Cameron and I grow our family. It has given us countless opportunities to rely on God for provision. It has taught me more lessons than I probably ever wanted to learn. It has brought our family into a connection with a family we might not have ever been close to. It brought us our sweet baby. Thank you, Lord, for adoption. We are so privileged to raise our daughter.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

side by side comparison

Lucy at two days. Lucy at two months. Notice how big she has gotten. I can't believe how big she is getting. She doesn't eat a ton at each feeding and I've had several people comment on that fact. Well, people, there is no doubt that she is, indeed, growing. No need to worry about this girl!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

pumpkin yum

I bought this yesterday. Yum. I had it on toast this morning with my coffee. It was perfect. I love apple butter too... actually I love butter. I do not discriminate against any kinds of butter. It's just delicious.

I haven't really done too much with pumpkin this season. I have been able to enjoy  Marm's pumpkin fudge and my brother's pumpkin snickerdoodles. I am an excellent taste-tester of all things pumpkin. Every year on Wednesday before Thanksgiving my sister-in-law, Shannon, and I have what we call Pie Day. We use it to prep for the Thanksgiving feast my mom cooks for a million people the next day and she and I make our famous pumpkin pie. It is famous, you know. People talk about it.

On my list of pumpkin recipes to try are:
Baked Pumpkin Steel Cut Oatmeal (recipe from the kitchn)

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins (recipe from a friend, Laura, who blogs at The Happiness of Rainy Days)

Pumpkin Bread (recipe from Simply Recipes)

I need to get roasting this guy so I have fresh pumpkin to use and I can bake the seeds and try to not finish them in one sitting.

If you have a pumpkin recipe I have to try, please share!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

saying thanks

There has been so much for me to say "thanks" for lately. We have been supported by family, friends, friends of friends, and strangers. It's amazing to see God work through people He has surrounded us with.

I had TWO amazing baby showers. Lucy and I got spoiled. I made these thank you cards inspired by these that were done by Ashley Ann (my favorite blogger).

I just sewed some vintage fabric to a notecard and stamped the letters on. They were so simple and easy to make and I loved them. I think I made 50 and I ran out of thank yous and had to use some plain, not-so-cute ones.

Here is how thankful I had to be... That's a lot of people who have blessed us immensely during this time of bringing Lucy home. If you did something for us and did not receive a thank you, please forgive me. I tried to keep a list of people and write them and send them out as timely as possible. It is likely I missed someone. Not because I wasn't thankful, but simply because I'm sure I thought I already wrote it. Forgive me in advance, please!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Lucy's first Halloween was yesterday. We had some family over that live close. We ate dinner and got all the kids dressed and sent them out trick-or-treating. I stayed behind to pass out candy to the 8 trick-or-treaters. Where are all the kids and why didn't the want my candy? We sent a bunch home with our guests and I've been working diligently on the tootsie rolls (Thanks, Christina, for getting me hooked 5 years ago. Thanks a lot.) that were left behind. We'll have it gone in no time. 

This Halloween was perfect. We had our little girl. We were surrounded by family and food (two of my favorites). We just hung out. It was exactly what I wanted out of the night. 

Lucy dressed up as a kitten. She was adorable. We have a neighborhood cat that loves us and hangs out at our house always. We named her Snickers because of her coloring. Lucy was technically supposed to be Snickers for Halloween, but I got lazy. She was all white instead. I saw some hats at Gap this summer that had kitty faces and thought, "I could do that." So, I did. They were obviously a little different, but that's where my inspiration came from. I made her little "mask" and then she was dressed in a white onesie and white tights. Pretty simple, but she looked great. 

 I must admit, I'm loving all these smiles she's giving us lately. They melt my heart. I was thankful she gave us a few before all falling asleep in Cam's arms while they trick-or-treated. Did you just judge him for trick-or-treating with her and wonder if he had a bag and got candy? There are people who do that, you know. You'll have to ask him if he did or not.