Sunday, July 28, 2013


summer. It truly rolled in too quickly and it is leaving just the same. I had such grand plans for the days of togetherness. I had these wonderful ideas. I also thought my Em would be working on her reading and writing and math- to keep her fresh and get her even more ready for second grade. I planned a lot of things to happen.... sadly, most of them didn't. A lot of other things happened though.

The times that I look back on my laundry list of ideas and plans I have to remember that I didn't fail at bringing them to life. I had to realistically make decisions on what we could handle and let go of the things that were too exhausting, too costly, or just too much for that day in particular. I must be hard on myself but I do feel bad about not being as "fun" or "intentional" as I wish I had been.

This summer was filled with a lot of slow days, so much cousin time for the girls, swim lessons, naps, messes, Barbies, mama's high heels, easy dinners, sister bed sharing and quite a bit of togetherness for our family. Looking back on the summer, I guess I can say that I am proud of that.