Sunday, February 3, 2013

some more september

So I forgot to mention how my pumpkin had to get surgery in September just to add to all the craziness. She had her adenoids removed and they tried to patch the hole in her right eardrum. She was scared, but such a trooper. Unfortunately, the patch didn't work. We will continue keeping her ear dry with earplugs in the bath and pool. She will have another surgery at age 9. She prays every single night for her healing. It breaks my heart but we are so thankful for how healthy the girls both are.

Lucy's shenanigans started way before this, but they were in full effect. Inside drawers, cabinets, containers of all sorts is where you'd find her. She was on top of everything including the coffee table and dining room table. She was exhausting to keep up with. I think this is also the month we bought a baby gate. It changed my life. Praise God for baby gates! 

Please notice the way she got the bathroom stool and put it next to the chair so she could get all the way up onto the table. Hello, one year old, I was obviously not ready for you to be so crafty! 

September was the beginning of completely crazy, unmanageable schedules. We had weddings, festivities, events galore. We got to see some of our favorite people quite often, so that was wonderful.
I also started watching my nephew full time. I'm tired just remembering it all.

Onto October....


  1. It's great to see you are blogging again. Let's plan to meet up sometime! :)

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